FTC & Big Data Bias Warnings


A recent WSJ article echoes an FTC report released last Wednesday warning of the possible consequences of bias in Big Data applications. The article identifies a number of valid concerns around...

Big Data Architecture Patterns


Modern business problems require ever ­increasing amounts of data, and ever ­increasing variety in the data that they ingest. Aphorisms such as the “three V's” have evolved to describe some of the...

eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions


In 2014, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions (EEMS) contracted with to build fundamental components of a new Customer Engagement Engine (CEE) for their Commerce Marketing Platform.

The Metadata Lifecycle


When designing an enterprise architecture for business intelligence, advanced analytics, and other data­centric applications, it is often useful to capture major data flows. This may require some...

A Big Data Analysis Paradox


There is a nuance about Big Data analysis. It’s really about small data. While this may seem confusing and counter to the whole Big Data "movement", small data is the product of Big Data analysis....