Plays Well With Others: Your Team of AIs


"Alexa, how are you different than Siri?" "I'm more of a home-body"

I'm away from my desk, so I guess I can't ask Alexa. No problem, I've got an iPhone in my pocket.

"Hey Siri, what's the status...

An Agile Story (pun intended)


While working with eBay Enterprise on a large multi-company effort to create a marketing platform, I saw first-hand the struggle around effective project management. I played Scrum Master for our...



Recently, a customer asked us to help transition a set of data flows from an overwhelmed RDBMS to a “Big Data” system. These data flows had a batch dynamic, and there was some comfort with Pig...

The Data Architecture Lifecycle


It’s a very exciting time to be in the data world, with new and groundbreaking technologies released seemingly every day. There is every temptation to pick up today’s new shiny, find an excuse to...

Not Just Open Source: 7 High-Value Areas To Consider Commercial Components For Big Data Architectures


The Big Data landscape is largely dominated by powerful free open source technologies. Different configurations and applications of these technologies seemingly consume the majority of mindshare,...