Voice Shopping


Voice Ordering Is Here. Voice Shopping Is Coming… And It’s Far More Interesting

Intelligence & Wisdom


Customers often ask what gives us the qualifications to work in their industry (industries like these, for example). They wonder whether we are able to able to handle the massive amounts and types...

The Black Arts of Machine Learning


As I outline in the Machine Learning Field Guide, the concept of Machine Learning arose from interests in having machines learn from data. The industry has seen cycles of stagnation and resurgence...

Watson's Reckoning


To most in the know, Watson has long been considered more hype and marketing than technical reality. Presented as infinitely capable, bleeding edge technology, you might think the well-known...

Timber!: A process centric approach to chopping down a tree or new business project.


Chopping down a tree is a lot like taking on a business project (e.g., for me that could mean delivering a large software application, creating a new artificial intelligence platform, or building...